Establishing PeakFection as mom’s secret weapon in the kitchen

In order to generate awareness of the PeakFection brand we selected 45 influential bloggers to create conversation about new PeakFection product offerings available at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores.

The strategy of the program was to introduce mom to PeakFection through her trusted sources – her favorite bloggers, and prove to her that PeakFection is just as fresh the day you buy it as the day you need it, making it the perfect go-to snack for last minute entertaining or to freshen up any meal.

This was accomplished by sending each of the bloggers a two-part kit to introduce them to the products.

  • Kit 1 – A Fresh Spin
    How can you use PeakFection to tame a crazy day? One day this week, spin our wheel of hungry times and see how PeakFection can be your delicious solution at any hour.
  • Kit 2 – Celebrating Life’s Little Moments
    PeakFection turns everyday into something special, whether it’s movie night in or a picnic at the park. In this box is an idea for making an everyday occasion more memorable with PeakFection, including some thought starters and complimentary gifts to get you going. Kit two would be centered on one of 5 themes ( End of Summer BBQ, Fire Pit Night, Date Night In, Movie Night or Picnic in the Park ).